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Our take on the traditional Twin Keel Fish from the early 70's.

Designed for intermediate to experienced surfers eager to experiment and expand their quiver to cater for a wider array of conditions. This shape has a heap of volume down the guts and tapers off quickly to the rail. Which means you can paddle into anything and turn on a dime. The key difference you will immediately notice is how bloody fast this thing goes. This is due to the low rocker, Making it the perfect board for small - medium days or when the waves are too fat or mushy for your performance short board. 

Available in 5'4" - 6'2" in stock dims, Or create your own custom Whitttler here.

Each board is meticulously crafted to order by machine and hand, Lead times can vary throughout the year from 3 weeks in the winter to 3 months in the summer. Please contact us for current lead time.