Board Care

General Use

Using a Verdure board is pretty similar to a conventional board,

Some general rules...

- Don't leave it in direct sunlight for extended periods of time

- Treat it with care, Avoid contact with hard ground and sharp objects

- Don't use your knee when duck diving, This will dent a fibreglass or cork board but can crack the top deck on our wooden skinned boards and is a pain to repair. 

Please watch this Proper Duck Diving Technique video


Like any board store your Verdure board in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight and put it in a board bag when transporting it to and from the beach. 


- Fix small dings straight away using furniture repair sticks 

- For larger dings please contact us for advice. 

- If the coating is looking dull and worn after a few years you can re coat it with Osmo Polyx using a foam roller. To do this remove wax and clean the board with one of these, Mask off the hardware and Roll on a coat of Osmo on each side leaving it to dry for 24 hours before flipping. We are also happy to do this, Please contact us for a quote. ( please note we charge $50 to $90 to de wax a board so please remove the wax yourself if you don't want to pay this fee)


If your Verdure surfboard has had a really hard life and needs a bit of TLC we can do a full refurb. In this case we can remove the skin/s, fill any dings and apply a new skin material to make your board look as good as new. Please contact us for pricing.