We only repair boards we have made and will do our best to get them back to their original condition. We charge $65+gst per hour for repair work and try to turn around repairs in under 2 weeks all though we do struggle to do this during busy times. 

Before you bring your board in for repair please remove all accessories and wax. Wax contaminates our stands and will prevent resin from sticking to our custom orders if transferred. This also enables us to see any pressure dings that need to be repaired. 

If you would like to repair your board yourself we are happy to provide guidance at no cost, We just need to see photos of the damage so we can advice the best materials and methods. 

Most board repair sites around NZ will also repair our boards. Just make sure they know to use epoxy resin as they do have an eps core.  

One thing to consider before ordering a custom board, It's very easy for us to hide a rail ding if the board has coloured rails.